3pm to 4pm, Monday, February 12, 2007

I’m kinda sorta skipping an hour. I screwed up over the weekend and repeated the 11:00 hour, but also posted about the party on Sunday which really encompassed the 2:00 hour as well, so I’m going to get back on my pre-planned schedule. Mostly because I have each day’s hour already assigned on my calendar in Sharpie! I can’t erase that!

From 3 to 4 today
Work? NOT! No, I took some time to surf yarn and seek advice. I love just running aroud the internet to look at yarn and notions. I am going to make that Pom Pom Rug from Craftivity for Lisa. She’ll love it. It’s super Frou-Frou, right up her ally. If it’s fluffy, fringey, or pom-pom-y she likes it. When I knit things that don’t have fringe on them, she tells me it’s not done yet. Well, what happens is exactly what she did last night: I showed her the finished work and she says: “oh, that’s nice, but you’re going to add fringe to it, right?” Uh huh, thanks for the not-so-compliment. (See bath mat pics and info below.)

Since the Pom Pom Rug is going to be a gift, and I’d normally spend about $50 on a gift for her, I think I might actually purchase the yarn for it. It calls for Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks and Lamb’s Pride from Brown Sheep. I’m NOT buying all that yarn, but might buy a bunch of the Andes cuz it’s only $2/ball. When I got home last night I made a couple sample pom poms with some Caron Simply Soft acrylic – roughly the same guage. It takes A LOT of yarn to make a big pom pom! Holy Cow!! But here are the 2 poms I made.
The smaller/tighter one was made on a Clover Pom Pom Maker. (btw, that creatforless site looks kinda cheesey, but they’re not. I like ’em.) The longer/wild one is made on a cardboard cut out thing that the author says to use. I’m not sure which is going to be better for the rug. The smaller ones are certainly more Pom-like. They’d fluff and be round and cute. It’s very challenging, though, to get the tie around the pom strands tightly enough to keep them from fallig apart. (I should have taken a pic of the loose one I made that George decided to play with. Yarn bits! Everywhere!) The longer one feels like it might be easier to walk on, and a little more Shag Rug like. It’s somewhat easier to tie up tight, and the cardboard way is faster, but working with a piece of cardboard is annoying! I might be able to come up with a neat plastic device though. Anyway I think I would like the look of the longer one as well. I’m open for thoughts, comments, suggestions, links, ideas on this…. Anyone have any pros, cons or other???

After surfing yarn, and before making the poms, I solicited the advice of a Crochet-er. Melyssa with a Y is my go-to-girl for Crochet. I once saw her make a purse in a hour! WTF??? I don’t go to her very often, though, because I don’t know how to crochet. HA! I would like to learn, but that calls for holding the yarn in your left hand and apparently that is not an option for me and my dexterity. Or lack thereof. I cannot figure out how to use my left hand such that I can knit continental or crochet. My left fingers simply do not want to work with the yarn in a kindly manner. I can’t keep the guage, I can’t maneuver the yarn, I can’t do it. It is SO frustrating!!! So I don’t crochet, even though I’d like to. (Ok, I do, but when I do, I hold the yarn and the needle in the right hand, and it’s the goofiest thing ya ever saw!) And her advice was… (drum roll, please)… “I know this is a dangerous thing to say to you, but just MAKE IT UP” Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!

What’s the point of all this, you ask? It’s the base for the rug – there needs to be something to sew the poms onto – is supposed to be a round mat done in Crochet, double crochet stitch, so it is round and has holes to sew the poms through. There is a bit of a picture of the base in the book (I forgot to bring it with me today to scan it) that looks something like Macrame would look. I tried to make it the other night, and well, I got a bowl instead of a round flat circle. Not what I was hoping for. So during my 3 to 4 hour, after looking at online yarns, I consulted with Melyssa on the crochet portion of this project. I understand what she told me, and I’m going to try it, and then, when it doesn’t work, Melyssa will soon be receiving a cone of Peahes and Cream cotton in her mail box with instructions to create a 4′ diameter rug with holes. Heh. Hi Melyssa!!

And that, my friends, is one hour (probably more) wasted on yarny goodness at work. It was a good diversion!

Since today’s post was about knitting,
I’ve added my latest FO, the bath mat:
This is the Bath Mat before I attempt blocking. Though I’m not sure I will attempt blocking as it is cotton and I am not convinced that cotton will block. I’ll probably still give it a try though, because then I get to use my new Spaceboard from Christmas! W’HOO!

I made this using the Log Cabin technique. Some things I learned: 1. I will not bind off the previous square, I will hold the stitches live. There is no need to bind off, it creates more of a ridge between the blocks and for me, makes it harder to pick up the stitches when you come back around. 2. Traditional Log Cabin makes for more of a square than rectangle, so if you want a rectangle shape, but want to keep the Blocks look about it, you can knit more on the ends but twist the stitches at the right place to make it look right. See if you can see the close up on the stitches here:
Hogan is ever so helpful to point out the row you need to look at! Isn’t that funny? She’s so cute. She was sitting NEXT to the mat, then when I took the picture, but she must have known I was trying to get a focus on that there row, so she helped me by marking it. Good girl! hehe

Here it is again,

The pattern calls for blocks with 6 garter ridges, but going round and round makes a square, so after I got the width I wanted, I just added more blocks at the ends to make it rectangular. Rather than binding off on those blocks, I just knitted through the back loop to make it look like a new block, even though it wasn’t. Can I tell you how proud I am of myself for figuring that out!? Go Stick!

More FO’s:


The felted box from Mason Dixon. This is the large one, but it does NOT turn out as large as one might guess from the picture in the book. I had to stretch the ever-livin-crap outta this one to get it to a useful size. More experiments on these are forth coming. Will definitely continue to double strand, will make each side and the bottom larger, will likely put button hole handles on only 2 sides. We shall see…

A note of some shock and embarrassment to me:
Today I got an email from my hairstylist, Richie. See this post. His email reads:
Subject: Blog
someone sent me youre knitting blog and i am FLATTERED!!!!! YOU ROCK!!
Richie Arpino

UM… who is reading this that knows him to email him???

and note to self: “be nice on blog” hee hee

One Response to “3pm to 4pm, Monday, February 12, 2007”

  1. meg Says:

    that’s a lot of work for that rug! what a nice friend.

    crazy that your stylist found you out!

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